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How to Choose Your Steel Ladder for Home in India?

 The stepladder that will assist you on a daily basis in your DIY work or your household chores must be light, resistant and secure. Since the risk of falls is high when working at height, you must choose comfortable and stable equipment to ensure your protection. From storing in an inaccessible closet to cleaning your roof or your gutter, the stepladder makes it possible to carry out a multitude of small jobs. 

The stepladder also meets the needs of building professionals or large retailers, by facilitating painting, electrical work or shelving. The models are more expensive, but have more options and accessories such as a guardrail, a tool rack, stabilizer bars, access ramps, large platforms or self-locking casters.

How to Choose the Best Steel Ladder?

You are used to working at height, you generally take risks to carry out your work at height. You have come to the right place, we would like to introduce you to a tool that allows you to work in complete safety. Whether you are a DIYer or a professional, this tool will be a great help. Indeed, it is the ideal tool for carrying out various jobs: changing light bulbs, painting, unhooking curtains, cleaning windows. Given these performances, the steel ladder has had a huge following in recent years. However, if you want to invest in quality models, we kindly ask you to read the rest of our article. 

What is the Difference between a Ladder and a Stepladder?

How to Choose Your Steel Ladder for Home in India?
Unlike a ladder, a stepladder consists of flat steps and no rungs. The stepladder usually has a platform to work more comfortably and have more stability.

Are there rolling ladders?

Yes, rolling ladders are ideal for prolonged work at height, generally for professional use in the construction industry, a store or a warehouse. It can also be useful for individuals who paint their ceiling or repair their gutter. These stepladders are equipped with wheels to easily move the platform, without having to go down.

Guide How to Buy Best Ladder Online in India?

How many steps should I choose for my stepladder?

The number of steps to choose for your stepladder will depend on your use, the working height you need and your size. To determine the number of steps needed, take your working height and subtract 2 meters to find the height of the stepladder you need. As a general rule, a stepladder with 3 steps will allow you to clean your windows, 5 steps to change a light bulb and 10 steps to access your roof.

Does stepladder with a platform available?

Yes, there are also stepladders with platforms . This type of stepladder is very practical for working comfortably on large spaces, if you have to paint a wall for example. This saves you from having to move your stepladder too often. Large platforms also have better stability, to reduce the risk of falling or tipping over.

Is it possible to repair a stepladder?

Yes, it is possible to repair your stepladder, but we recommend that you call a professional to guarantee your safety. A bad repair could indeed put you in danger, even if you are a good handyman.


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