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How to Choose the Right Stepladder in India ?

 Accessing a slightly high closet or cleaning your roof does not require the same size of stepladder. Choose the working height and the number of steps of the stepladder carefully according to the desired use.

The Material of the Stepladder

Stepladders are available in several materials, but most of them are made of metal: aluminum, steel or epoxy steel.

Aluminum stepladders are the most common because they are light and sturdy while being accessible for individuals. They can be moved easily and are perfect if you don't have heavy loads to climb. Oversized aluminum and anodized aluminum are used for high-end stepladders.

Steel and epoxy steel stepladders are more aimed at professionals, as they are more rigid and durable. They can withstand heavier loads than aluminum.

There are also wooden stepladders , but for small heights and domestic use. Indeed, they are heavier and bulkier than metal stepladders .

The accessories and comfort options of a stepladder

In order to provide you with more comfort, stability and safety, some stepladders have additional accessories and options. Depending on your expectations, you have the choice between various features.

Steps and Non-slip Pads

For your safety and the stability of your stepladder, steps and non-slip pads are essential. Few stepladders do not have riveted steps or non-slip pads. This limits the risk of falling indoors and outdoors. Regularly inspect your stepladder to check the condition of the runners and change them if necessary.

How to Choose the Right Stepladder in India ?

Stepladder with Platform 

Most stepladders have a small platform to give you more stability during your work. There are also stepladders with large platforms to put down boxes or tools and have them within easy reach. These are generally used by professionals.

Double Plane Stepladder

The double-plane stepladder , similar to a small ladder, has 2 articulated arms that allow you to work on either side of the stepladder.

Insulated Stepladder

Specific for electrical work, the insulating stepladder has an aluminum structure covered with an insulator allowing the non-conduction of an electric current. This allows work to be carried out on low and medium voltage electrical installations.


Generally made of aluminium, the guardrail offers effective fall protection thanks to its safety bars integrated into the stepladder. They are found on professional stepladder models.

Best Stepladder, Folding Ladder or Aluminium in India for Home


The tool holder makes it easy to access your tools when doing DIY jobs. There are stepladders with built-in PVC tool holders, but you also have the option of purchasing an additional tool holder and hanging it on your stepladder.

Stabilizer Bars

Compatible with certain models of ladders, the stabilizer bars help to reinforce the balance and stability of your ladder when you are working on it. They bring you more comfort and safety.


Integrated into the stepladder or added to it, the spring-loaded, fixed, swiveling or self-locking casters are ideal for easily moving your stepladder without having to go down and up. Self - locking casters provide added stability, for added safety when using the stepladder.

Access Ramps

For maximum safety, choose a stepladder with aluminum or steel access ramps . This will make it easier for you to climb the stepladder by providing support with the ergonomic handles.

Lock System

A locking system is generally integrated into double-plane stepladders in order to stabilize the articulated arms, thanks to opening blocking by straps. In the unfolded position, it offers you perfect stability.

Anti-Finger Trap System

Some models of professional stepladders have an integrated anti-finger trap system. This prevents you from injuring yourself by folding and unfolding your stepladder when using it.


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