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Which Step Ladder to Choose in India?

 Select Best Step Ladder to Buy in India

The step ladder is the type of ladder recommended for home use. Equipped with 4 feet, it allows you to safely carry out tasks in your home such as changing a light bulb, hanging a curtain or a picture, trimming a small hedge, etc. In addition, you can fold it at the end of your work to facilitate its storage.

Choose your stepladder by considering its height, material and standards, its base and finally, its options.

The Height-

Being generally used for small needs, the stepladder ladder often does not offer a great height. Depending on the number of rungs it has, its height can be up to 4 meters . For home use, a ladder under 3 meters can more than meet your needs. On the other hand, for professional use, a height of more than 3 meters is the best option.

The Material and the Standards-

The structure of a stepladder ladder can be made of wood or aluminum . The wooden ladder is generally only recommended for domestic use. For fairly regular use or for professional use, an aluminum ladder is the best choice, as it is stronger than a wooden ladder.

The Base-

In terms of stability, the stepladder offers very good guarantees. Indeed, it is equipped with 4 feet which allow it to have good stability without support. In addition, anti-slip pads are placed on each foot to prevent the ladder from slipping. 


A step ladder can offer options such as:

The tool tray : placed at the top of the ladder, it allows you to have nails, screws, a hammer or other small essential accessories close at hand during your work.

Anti-spreading bars : they maintain the spacing between the feet to prevent falls.

Folding : you can fold the ladder after your work to facilitate transport and reduce clutter.

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