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What is the Best Solution of Battery Overheating?

Overheated Problem of Inverter Battery

Sometime you have noticed that our inverter battery get overheated (especially during summer).

This is not a good sign. By this we can't use the battery for a long time and the inverter battery may reduce its performance. So we should be careful about it

Before getting the solution, we should find the reason of this problem. So 3 major reasons are given below.

1. Wrong Switch Selection in Inverter

2. Inverter Failure

3. Problems in Inverter Battery

How to Avoid Inverter Battery Heating


The battery selection switch is on the back side of inverter. By this switch we set the type of battery to be connected with the inverter. If we make a wrong selection then overheating problem can be seen.

Inverter Failure

If the inverter's charging voltage goes over the charging limit then the problem of inverter failure may occurs and this may cause overheating the battery


If the battery is mostly undercharged, it will get sulfated and get overheated. So don't keep it discharged or undercharged for a long time. So don't forget to charge your inverter's battery.

Using acid or tap (normal) water can be another reason of overheating problem so always use distilled water and keep on checking the water level of the inverter.

Short circuit or loose connection can also cause the overheating problem.

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