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How to Increase the Life of Inverter Battery for Long Time?

 How to Increase the Life of Inverter Battery?

If you already have an inverter battery and want to increase the battery life of your inverter for long time or planning to buy a new inverter battery, then we mention some tips in this article you can read below.

Do you ever thought that some people have a good battery life of inverter. Why? Because they take-care of it.

Caring for inverter battery its not a big deal or too hard. You can also do the same, by following these tips.

Increase Inverter Battery Long Life

Like an expert Improve the Inverter Battery Life

Inverter battery can be live long , if we properly care of it. And i hope this post will help you in increasing the battery life of your inverter.

  • Check the proper wiring connection. And make sure the inverter battery in proper working condition.
  • For safety purpose or to avoid bad incident, try to place battery far from fire.
  • To reduce heating problem we should keep inverter battery in open wide area. If possible don't place any items near battery.
  • Use only good distilled water to refill the water level. Never use normal water like drinking or bath water.
  • Try to maintain the water level of the battery by check on time to time. Check at least minimum once in a month.
  • If there is any dirt on battery surface then clean it with a piece of cloth. Keep it as clean as possible.
  • Always keep the battery terminals clean. 
  • If still you are facing any technical issue, then you call to support team or an expert.

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