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Best Foldable Ladder for Household in India

 Best Foldable Ladder for Household in India

A good foldable ladder can make many of your daily chores a lot easier. Be it changing the tube light or getting something out from the top shelf in the kitchen, you can easily do any such task without any hassle. These days very latest, lightweight and compact size foldable ladders are available online and offline. Which have ample standing space, anti skid base and easy folding option. These strong and durable ladders do not even take up much space to be kept in the house. If you are also interested in buying foldable stairs, then we have come up with some of the best Best Foldable Ladder for Household in India for you.

Best Foldable Ladder for Household in India

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Best Foldable Ladder for Household in India

Plantex High Grade Steel Folding Ladder

Plantex High Grade Steel Folding Ladder is perfect for home, office, warehouse, warehouse or shop everywhere. Made from high strength steel, this 6 way processed powder coated ladder comes with 5 steps which makes it strong and durable. Steel wide steps (anti skid steps) with plastic grips gives ample standing space and is capable of carrying loads up to 150 kg. The slip resistant rubber feet provide firm grip and scratch proofing on the floor.

Corvids 6.2m (20.5 ft) Portable & Compact Aluminium Telescopic Ladder

 Corvids brings you 6.2m (20.5 ft) portable & compact aluminium Telescopic Ladder. Built from rust-proof, high-grade aluminium alloy and precise engineered HDPE components to ensure maximum corrosion resistance. Designed for use in all climatic and weather conditions. Specially designed angled rubber shoes give you unrivalled stability while the ladder is in use. Design to enhance safety, they form a strong grip even on wet surfaces. Each extendable step features an innovative step lock that ensures the ladders stays in its extended form without shaking or wobbling while in use.

Equal 12.5 FT. Aluminium Foldable & Extended Telescopic Ladder

Designed for both commercial contractors and home do it yourself customers, EQUAL Telescoping Ladders are a sensible alternative to traditional extension ladders. Lightweight and durable, these heavy-duty, time-saving ladders extend by the foot and feature ergonomic designs and locking tabs for smooth, safe operation. The styling and strength of the Finger Protect Edition ladders will make them the most favoured tool on the job site. 

Corvids 14.5 ft (16 Steps) Portable & Compact Folding Aluminium Multipurpose Super Step Ladder

Corvids brings you 14.5 ft (16 steps) compact Folding Aluminium Multipurpose Step Ladder. The Folding Super ladder features square rungs & supporting tubes for unrivalled stability, 2 stabilizer bars with anti-skid PVC shoe ensures the ladders stays in its extendable form without shaking or wobbling while in use. It is an ideal aluminium ladder for home use. Sturdy Aluminium alloy construction with 1.5 mm thickness makes it resistant to water, rust & corrosion with Load capacity of 120 kg. Meets the highest safety standard of EN-131.

Plantex Heavy-Duty Mild-Steel Hulk Folding 6 Step Ladder for Home

Plantex Hulk-ladder is constructed with durable mild steel with dense metallic powder coating, which has shock-resistance properties, It's one of the most durable and long-lasting models available, but it's also the strongest with upto 150 kg waight bearing capacity. If you're looking for a ladder that can keep up with your heavy-duty tasks, this is your perfect bet. 


Safety Information:

ALWAYS inspect your Ladder for Damage prior to use - DO NOT use any Ladder in Damage condition; ALWAYS be aware of your environment before setting up-check for hazards such as power cables, moving vehicles & doors; ALWAYS wear appropriate fully enclosed footwear; ALWAYS face the Ladder when ascending / descending; ALWAYS use the Ladder in fully open position with spreader mechanism engaged; ALWAYS ensure ladder is positioned with its all foot in contact with ground and the surface is firm and level.

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